Welcome to All-American

Welcome to All-American


All-American is the only true cheerleading training center in Laredo. All-American has a highly motivated, enthusiastic coaching staff with expertise in cheerleading and tumbling. Owners Simon and Norma Arriaga have 70 years of combined cheerleading and tumbling training experience. Proud member of the USASF. Simon attains a BACHELOR OF SCIENCE FITNESS AND SPORTS ALL LEVEL CERTIFICATION.  
All-American’s class program is well established and highly respected. The program works on developing the “whole” cheerleader offering training on jumps, motion technique, tumbling, and voice projection. Students that consistently train at All-American make their school cheerleading squads.  All-American is proud to say that 96% of our students accomplish the goal of representing their school as a CHEERLEADER!!!!


When you arrive at All-American, you are arrived at the best! Our top notch instructors are ready to serve you and maximize your tumbling and cheerleading ability. We don’t mess around! Our classes are designed for one purpose, to make you the best you can be……and then some. All-American and its students are active in the community. All-American regularly participate in local Laredo events such as the Youth Parade under the stars, WBCA Parade, and others. All-American also has their annual dance recital in April at the Laredo Civic Center Auditorium.


All-American offers the very best in cheerleading, jazz and tumbling classes. From beginners to advanced, it’s all right here!


«     Beginner Class

A special class for 3 to 5 year old students. The emphasis will be learning the correct technique of beginning tumbling. The student will also learn correct jump technique along with correct technique of strength conditioning and flexibility.

«     Intermediate/Advanced

Back handsprings, jumps and conditioning. We build onto basic skills to progress the student into a stronger cheerleader. Back handsprings are greatly emphasized.


For your information


Registration: the annual (calendar year) registration fee is $25.00. All-American must have completed and signed information and release form for each student before they may begin classes.

Tuition: is due the first class of the month. If tuition is not received by the 10th, a late fee of $15.00 will be assessed. Tuition is due regardless of the number of classes attended. 

POSTED-DATED CHECKS are welcome to avoid late charges. For families with multiple children in the program, there will be a $10.00 reduction in class fees for the second child and $15.00 reduction for the third child. Monthly tuition is not pro-rated for holidays.  $25.00 for all returned checks.

Please arrive early enough so that your child does not miss any of the warm-ups. Please pick your child promptly after class. Children will not be allowed waiting outside the building for parents. All-American will not be responsible for your child if he or she  leaves the building.
Students will need to purchase studio t-shirt, hairbow, royal blue shorts, white cheer shoes and white ankle socks. Please do not bring nor wear jewelry, baggy clothes or other items that can be dangerous for cheerleading or tumbling. Hair must be pulled back away from the face.
All concerns should be addressed to Norma. Please do not interrupt the instructors. No parents or visitors are allowed during class session. Parents and visitors must wait in the waiting area. Student’s friends are not allowed without supervision. Because of our small space, limit is one person per family. Your daughter is in good hands and there is really no need for anyone to stay. The area gets pretty crowded at times.

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